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Cost per action (CPA) requires users to click on an affiliate link and the network only pays if the user completes a required 'action', such as signing up for their subscription, take survey, download software, or filling a form. Udemy also offers a course on CPA marketing to optimize your revenue from it. There are many CPA affiliate networks to choose fromReferences: Earning Guys,

ClickBooth They are huge and have paid over $1 Billion to their network of affiliates. Opened in 2002, they have also been around longer than most other companies on this list.




CPA stands for CAST PER ACQUISITION OR ACTION, CPA network is a type of affiliate marketing, where publishers are paid for an action that is taken as a direct result of their marketing.

In CPA marketing one will be paid on a lead generation like submitting an email address or phone number to get some of the free products or information. It means you do not have to make a sell like other typical affiliate marketing.


You can use your site to promote CPA campaign or you may work without the site.some of best ways to promote CPA products are,

To create a review website. You can promote through landing pages You can use splash pages to work on CPA Network HOW TO GET CPA NETWORKS APPROVAL?

There are lots of people who do not get approval from best CPA affiliate networks like maxbounty etc. There are many reasons for not getting approval.

Most of CPA affiliate sites to ask for your promotion strategy and your past experience and also they arrange an interview with you to get knowledge about your past and future planning about CPA best Networks. So if you are going to apply for best CPA networks then you should keep some points in mind to get approval fast and easily.

Make a website to get approval fast and easy. Use your domain email to get the best CPA affiliate marketing approval. Be prepared for the interview. You will be asked for your past CPA networking experience and your promotion strategies. So you have to make them satisfy. Be professional when you are going to be asked about CPA Marketing. Apply again even if you are not getting CPA Network approval. HOW TO PROMOTE CPA NETWORKS OFFERS?

To make money with CPA affiliate networks is not so easy. You have to invest your time and money to get good results. So before starting your campaign make some research about offers platforms to promote your offers etc.

Here we will tell you some of the best ways to promote your CPA offers.

First of all, create landing pages to promote your offers. Run Facebook campaigns to promote CPA offers Use Twitter to promote CPA networking offers You can promote your offers through Pinterest Use youtube to promote CPA campaigns Promote via Reddit Use forums to promote your offers You can write an article like reviews and can promote it. Run bing ads to get leads Use AdWords to get your CPA leads.

Now let us discuss some of the best CPA networks to make money online. There are lots of CPA networks but we will discuss only 30+ best CPA networks.

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Do you know any other ways to make money from cost per action?

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