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What is an airport?

An airport is a place where airplanes take off and land. Passengers get on and off and goods are loaded and unloaded at airports. Air travel has become the main type of transportation over long distances and modern airplanes belong to the safest means of travel. Every day millions of people fly on thousands of planes all over the world. As of now, there are over 42,500 airports world-wide. The largest of them are like small cities. They have hotels, restaurants, banks, post offices and other shops, as well as their own police force or fire department. Thousands of people work at an airport every day.

Types of airports • Commercial Airports • General Aviation Airports • Military airports Terminal – airport building The terminal is the largest building at an airport. It is also called as air building. All passengers must pass through it when they start or end their trip. At the ticket counter you receive your boarding card and your baggage is checked and weighed. Then the airline assistant will put a label with a three-letter code around your baggage. It shows the destination airport and makes sure the suitcases get on the correct airplane.

Before you board into the plane you may spend your time at some of the many shops that are at the airport: newsstands, restaurants, gift shops or even banks. Many international airports have duty-free shops. If you are visiting a foreign country, you can buy things there without having to pay duty or import tax.

Some airports have an observation lounge where you can look through large windows and watch planes take off and land. Before you go to your gate you must pass a security area where your passport is checked and your bags checked for weapons and other things that you are not allowed to take on board. The gate is the place where you leave the airport building to get on your plane. Gates may often be very far away from the center of the terminal. Moving sidewalks take you to those that are far away. At larger airports you are taken there by bus or train. Big airports may have up to a hundred or more gates. Arriving passengers cannot leave the terminal at once. They first go to baggage claim , a place where you get your baggage after it is unloaded from the plane.

Runway Airplanes take off and land on runways. Big passenger planes need long runways that are up to 5 or 6 km in length. They may look like ordinary paved roads but are made of a special material so that they won’t crack when heavy planes land. Green, red and white lights mark runways so that pilots can see them at night and when visibility is bad. Airplanes use taxiways to move to the main runway or to hangars. Small trucks bring big planes out of the parking zone.

The control tower The control tower is the center of airport traffic control. Air controllers use radar, radio, signal lights and other electronic equipment to guide planes when they take off and land. They give pilots permission to take off or tell them which runway to use. Busier and bigger airports handle up to 150 aircraft per hour.


Hangars are buildings in which airplanes are repaired or serviced . Most airlines have their own hangars, in which they can park many jets at the same time. Most hangars are far away from terminals and runways so that they do not interfere with airport traffic.

Other facilities

Airports have many other buildings. Food kitchens or catering companies prepare food that is brought onto planes. Large airlines often have their offices in their own buildings. All airports have big parking lots or houses and most airports are connected with the inner cities through trains or subways. Airport management Commercial airports, which are mostly publicly owned they find their ways of making money examples- they rent space to airlines for check-in counters or baggage areas and charge them fees for landing. Companies and firms must pay to open up shops and restaurants. In addition to this, the airports get lots of money from parking fees. The airport manager and his staff are in charge of running the entire airport. Various departments are responsible for finances, administration, safety, engineering and technical staff.

An hi-tech Airports is facilitated with a very advanced high technological equipment.

Basic components of hi-tech airport-

The following components are-

Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC Tower) Airfield Runway Taxiway Air terminal building Aerobridges or jet bridges Helipads and spaces for business jets Hangars On-ground transportation Ground and Multi-level car parking Metro transportation facility and ferry facility Airport boundary protection

Components of air terminal building-

Duty free shops Rest rooms Wi-Fi hot spots Elevators and Escalators (Horizontal and Vertical) Cafes and restaurant Ticket counters and security check with baggage scan and verification. Dispensary Baggage claim zones.

Airport Security has become one of most important issue since the time of terrorism and has been regarded as one of most important tool for reducing finishing the terrorism. There should always be extremely high security check and airport security facilitation.

Advanced airport security is being given as most important priority to for all airports across the world.


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