44 Ways to listen better

1 Understand what listening looks like

2 Ask clarifying questions

3 Remove or avoid distractions

4 Pay attention to non-verbal cues

5 Be comfortable with silence

6 Show empathy

7 Listen to the non-verbal signals

8 Maintain eye contact

9 Listen for emotion

10 Acknowledge and empathize

11 Visualize what is being said

12 Face the speaker and give them your attention

13 Avoid being solution-focused

14 Competent user

15 Take notes

16 Stay focused

17 Face the person and make eye contact with them

18 Put away your phone

19 Give them your full attention

20 Be self aware

21 Be brief!

22 Be interested and attentive

23 Get rid of all distractions

24 Avoid interrupting the person while they are speaking

25 Be interested in other people

26 Use active listening skills

27 Acknowledge feelings

28 Concentrate

29 Practice reflective listening

30 Listen to understand

31 Wait until someone is truly done speaking to respond

32 Recap key facts

33 Ask good questions

34 Use positive body language

35 Dont pass judgment

36 Say what you mean

37 Get to the point

38 Be concise

39 Be real

40 Speak in images

41 Do it with thought and care

42 Make things easy

43 Put away your emotions and judgments

44 Ask thoughtful questions

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