60 Ways to be more loving

1 Fill your heart with love

2 Show your gratitude

3 Take care of yourself

4 Support your partner and celebrate their success

5 Listen

6 Be kind to yourself

7 Hug like you mean it

8 Communication

9 Make your s

10 Be receptive to their affection

11 Ask them what they want

12 Set healthy boundaries

13 Be kind

14 Become his best friend

15 Forgiveness

16 Create positive affirmations

17 Forgive yourself for your mistakes

18 Show all your appreciation

19 Engage in lots of eye contact

20 Give each other space

21 Ask for help

22 Be consistent in showing your love

23 Treat her with respect

24 Initiate touch

25 Anticipate their needs

26 Leave her a love note

27 Spend quality time with them

28 Surprise him with a gift

29 Pay attention to all the little things

30 Cheer them on

31 Get a little closer

32 Pray with her

33 Cuddle up for some netflix

34 Accept what they have to offer

35 Spend quality time with your partner

36 Give her a massage

37 Show affection in public

38 Go shopping with her

39 Let go of fantasy love

40 Be more affectionate yourself

41 Be friends with each other

42 Wake up before he does

43 Keep them comfy by being consistent

44 Practice self-compassion

45 Work on goals together

46 Give them your full attention

47 Know his language of love

48 Realize that you are enough

49 Share your feelings

50 Ask for what you want from love

51 Laugh with them

52 Pursue a hobby that interests him

53 Treat and pamper yourself

54 Make time for them

55 Incorporate more fun into the relationship

56 Take out the trash

57 Stop comparing and judging

58 Acknowledge the thoughtful things your partner does

59 Be thoughtful about how you touch others

60 Mirror work

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