40 Ways to be loved by someone

1 Just listen

2 Spend quality time with them

3 Respect yourself

4 Ask them what they need

5 Compliment them

6 Initiate touch

7 Make your s

8 Be honest

9 Show gratitude

10 Help them out

11 Ask how their day was

12 Tell them that you love them

13 Be thoughtful

14 Small moments of affection

15 Celebrate their success

16 Smile a lot

17 Give a passionate kiss

18 Expect nothing in return

19 Make them laugh

20 Make an eye contact

21 Support them in their goals and aspirations

22 Be an open minded person

23 Leave a love note

24 Let them get to know the real you

25 Tell your partner something that you like about them already

26 Be friends with their friends

27 Be consistent in showing your love

28 Give each other space

29 Be as positive as possible

30 Touch them more often

31 Create a care package

32 Show affection in public

33 Speak the truth

34 Make time for them

35 Make them feel appreciated and special

36 Cook their favourite meal

37 Order them food

38 Talk to someone you trust

39 Go for a drive

40 Be more give than taking

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