56 Ways to work in a team

1 Set clear goals

2 Encourage collaboration and communication

3 Show gratitude

4 Communicate regularly

5 Name the strengths

6 Know their strengths and weaknesses

7 Reward excellent teamwork

8 Be open-minded

9 Good work environment

10 Recognize

11 Check in frequently and be proactive

12 Incorporate some team building exercises

13 Give them incentives

14 Keep positive

15 Establish and build trust

16 Give positive feedback and reward your team

17 Manage conflict well

18 Support volunteer programs

19 Communicate, communicate, communicate

20 Have an open-door policy

21 Celebrate their success

22 Clarify positions

23 Understand what a great team is

24 Show some empathy

25 Hold weekly team meetings that include everyone

26 Foster open and honest communication

27 Build the connection between the team members

28 Set a good example

29 Offer constructive feedback in a thoughtful way

30 Walk the walk

31 Be flexible and adaptable

32 Develop leadership skills

33 Celebrate the resolution as a team

34 Monitor and review

35 Be decisive and confident

36 Be proactive with feedback

37 Emphasise teamwork

38 Give each other feedback

39 Use video chat for meetings

40 Allow for breaks

41 Get feedback from everyone

42 Teamwork can make you happier

43 Trust your team to do their job

44 Good communication boosts your creativity

45 Create collaborative goals

46 Understand diversity issues

47 Problem-solving

48 Start early and small

49 Participate in brainstorming sessions to encourage collaboration

50 Maintain good communication

51 Try some healthy (or healthy-ish) snacks

52 Build positive working relationships

53 Dont forget to praise

54 Ensure each employee has strict schedules

55 Adapt quickly

56 Delegate responsibility

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