105 Ways to get better at time management

1 Prioritize tasks

2 Set a time limit for tasks

3 Make a schedule

4 Start early

5 Take a break

6 Remove the distractions

7 Complete the most important task first

8 Eliminate the non-essential

9 Batch similar tasks together

10 Create a to-do list

11 Do not multitask

12 Plan your day in advance

13 Be prioritized

14 Use a calendar

15 Plan ahead

16 Learn to delegate and/or outsource

17 Set yourself goals

18 Use time management tools

19 Stay calm

20 Get a good nights sleep

21 Name your priorities

22 Set smart goals

23 Track your time spent

24 Understand how you currently spend your time

25 Delegate responsibilities

26 Stop multitasking

27 Minimize interruptions

28 Manage your stress

29 …take breaks!

30 Batch tasks

31 Focus on one task at a time

32 Align your focus

33 Follow the 80/20 rule

34 Organize

35 Say no

36 Make a to-do list for tomorrow

37 Organize similar tasks together

38 Have time for rest

39 Create a daily scheduleand stick with it

40 Balance

41 Avoid the urge to multitask

42 Create a daily task list

43 Leave a buffer-time between tasks

44 Dont procrastinate

45 Get some exercise

46 Write everything down

47 Organization

48 Prioritisation

49 Manage distractions

50 Delineate a time limit in which to complete task

51 Ignore distractions as best as you can

52 Practice the pomodoro technique to boost your focus

53 Devote your entire focus to the task at hand

54 Eat that frog

55 Schedule out every day

56 Create time management goals

57 Keep sight of your goals

58 Turn your system into habits

59 Review your day

60 Set clear expectations and deadlines

61 Avoid being a perfectionist

62 Identify your peak performance hours

63 Use an organizer

64 Create a dont do list

65 Manage communications

66 Eliminate half-work at all costs

67 Be flexible but realistic

68 Set deadlines for everything

69 Eliminate electronic time wasters

70 Take advantage of your travel time

71 Conduct time management audits

72 Break down large tasks into smaller steps

73 Set a time limit

74 Plan for tomorrow today

75 Block out time for regularly occurring tasks

76 Conquer your procrastination

77 Plan your work ahead

78 Work around your energy levels

79 Self-awareness

80 Establish routines

81 Use technology to your advantage

82 Make some changes in your schedule

83 Start your tasks early

84 Automate mundane and repetitive tasks

85 Starting your day late

86 Make lists and prioritize tasks

87 Find your flow state

88 Cut down on time-wasting activities

89 Dont allow unimportant details to drag you down

90 Dont think of the totality of your to-do list

91 Create organizing systems

92 Do something during waiting time

93 Lock yourself in

94 Commit to your plan to do something

95 Find time for stillness

96 Use flashcards

97 Autonomy

98 Know when to multitask

99 Get a study buddy

100 Find a study space

101 Leverage to-do lists

102 Telecommute

103 Allow others to help you

104 Choose your tools

105 Build in buffers

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