26 Ways to create a wealth mindset

1 Practice gratitude

2 Rich people are… smart workers

3 Use affirmations

4 Know your finances

5 Define your desired wealth

6 Create financial goals and plans to accomplish them

7 Money is… easily made

8 Focus on what you want – and take it!

9 Forget about the past…

10 Be consistent

11 Find ways to live below your means

12 Keep an eye on your spending

13 Understand your money mindset

14 Diversify your income sources

15 Know your value

16 Fall in love with learning

17 Become a sponge for knowledge

18 Forgive yourself for your financial mistakes

19 Rich mindsets are bigger than their problems

20 Spend time with people with the same goals

21 Set goals, be patient, persevere

22 Invest for the future today

23 Never stop hustling

24 Maintain a positive attitude

25 Stay aware of your thought patterns

26 Think big

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