67 Ways to have a better life balance

1 Set boundaries

2 Be clear about the why of work-life balance

3 Access to exercise

4 Make time for yourself

5 Take vacations

6 Promote hobbies

7 Redesign priorities

8 Work life balance improves your relationships

9 Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

10 Prioritize your health

11 Child care facilities

12 Offer employees flexible work options

13 Take breaks

14 Let go of perfection

15 Build downtime into your schedule

16 Say, no

17 Utilize flexible scheduling

18 Ask for and offer help

19 Work smarter, not harder

20 Invest in team-building exercises

21 Become more productive at work

22 Set specific goals

23 Work life balance means better physical health

24 Turn off the tech

25 Get rest

26 Meditate and be mindful

27 Work life balance brings higher levels of success

28 Plan time off

29 Give employees time to foster their creativity

30 Give yourself breaks

31 Drop activities that drain your time or energy

32 Acknowledge

33 Create a schedule and set boundaries

34 Make time for family time

35 Prioritize your time

36 Set daily goals that are manageable

37 Provide team-building activities

38 Set realistic goals

39 Start with small goals and keep building

40 Take advantage of your lunch break

41 Promote opportunities for health and wellness

42 Determine your priorities

43 Offer a work from home scheme

44 Take care of your body and mind

45 Flexible work arrangements

46 Include downtime within your schedule

47 Stay present

48 Indulge in hobbies

49 Be good to yourself

50 Build your new business or specialism in your spare time

51 Help employees prioritize their wellness

52 Examine

53 Get dressed for work

54 Be productive at the office

55 Hit the gym

56 Shuffle your priorities

57 Nurture your family/relationships

58 Be a good role model

59 Schedule blocks of time

60 Try to overlap things

61 Let go of fear

62 Create a family-friendly work environment

63 Prioritize your life

64 Healthy eating habits

65 Pace yourself

66 Make time for hobbies & passions

67 Plan your week around your priorities or themes

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