234 Ways to be productive at home when bored

1 Learn a new skill or hobby

2 Watch some ted talks

3 Learn how to cook a new recipe

4 Learn a new language

5 Listen to a podcast

6 Go for a walk

7 Clean your computer

8 Read a book

9 Stay in touch with family and close friends

10 Plan your dream vacation

11 Start a garden

12 Write a letter to someone

13 Update your resume/online profiles

14 Start something new

15 Update social media profiles

16 Teach yourself a new skill

17 Enroll in an online course

18 Organize your email

19 Do yoga

20 Listen to an audiobook (p

21 Discover a new podcast

22 Learn a foreign language

23 Spend time outside

24 Make a meal plan

25 Try to get some exercise in

26 Listen to more music

27 Start a personal blog

28 Have massage

29 Schedule your days

30 Work on your five-year plan

31 Catch up on your sleep

32 Start a new hobby

33 Be with your pet

34 Create a bucket list

35 Try a sudoku puzzle

36 Write a journal

37 Practice meditation

38 Do some spring cleaning

39 Take a break

40 Plan way ahead

41 Organize your drawers

42 Practice origami

43 Hang out with friends or family

44 Read/watch the news

45 Clean and organize your fridge

46 Do your laundry

47 Make a gratitude list

48 Start a journal

49 Learn some basic yoga poses

50 Rearrange the furniture of your house

51 Clean up your house

52 Eat healthy meals & snacks

53 Get in a daily workout

54 Change the bed sheets

55 Start a journal or blog

56 Use a face mask

57 Get creative

58 Start a backyard garden

59 Play games

60 Take a bubble bath

61 Watch educational youtube videos

62 Create a new recipe

63 Have an impromptu picnic

64 Start cleaning

65 Create an emergency kit

66 Find opportunities to work from home

67 Create a vision board

68 Work in your garden

69 Start a youtube channel or blog

70 Stay connected

71 Take a nap

72 Clean and organize

73 Do your hair in a new way

74 Organize

75 Deep clean your home

76 Put together a time capsule

77 Put together a puzzle

78 Read your emails

79 Empty and organize your junk drawer

80 Complete a daily puzzle

81 Organize your documents

82 Organize your laptop

83 Help out your colleagues

84 Create your own website

85 Write something

86 Clean up your desktop

87 Create a spotify playlist

88 Figure out your finances

89 Wake up early

90 Eliminate distractions

91 Watch some career-inspiring ted talks

92 Go to the library and find something interesting to read

93 Practice self-care

94 Self-reflection

95 Call a friend or family member

96 Develop a morning routine

97 Schedule a coffee with someone you respect at work

98 Organize your bills and paperwork

99 Declutter and organize your makeup and beauty products

100 Help others in need

101 Try being artistic

102 Organize your desk drawers

103 Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

104 Set new goals and challenges

105 Clean out your kitchen cabinets

106 Do a yoga or fitness class

107 Phone or text a friend

108 Reminisce with old photos

109 Declutter one room

110 Give your dog a bath

111 Wash the car together

112 Bake cookies or brownies

113 Make a wish list on amazon

114 Collect rocks and paint them

115 Revamp your cv

116 Evaluate your progress

117 Have a laugh

118 Do a bit of work

119 Write a short story or get started on that novel

120 Try a new makeup look

121 Redecorate your bedroom

122 Join an employee volunteer group

123 Go on a scavenger hunt

124 Research self care tips for your myers briggs personality type

125 Go over your investments

126 Improve your existing skills

127 Work on a weakness of yours

128 Drink some water

129 Start a book club together

130 Actually clean your laptop

131 Learn a dance routine

132 Play an online game with some friends

133 Backup your computer files

134 Look at your bank statements

135 Clean off your desk

136 Start exercising at home

137 Call the people you love

138 Practice playing the piano

139 Clean your make-up brushes

140 Make a fort together

141 Start your family tree

142 Take online quizzes

143 Teach your old dog a new trick

144 Write an ebook

145 Work on your linkedin profile

146 Write a letter of gratitude

147 Get creative with your cooking

148 Go through your spam folder

149 Re-organize

150 Get into creative writing

151 Call to a long distant friend

152 Mow your grass

153 Look at funny or cute pictures online

154 Become a member of a virtual choir

155 Create your monthly budget

156 Paint a picture

157 Cancel any unwanted paid subscriptions

158 Make play-doh sculptures and put on an art show

159 Research upcoming events related to your industry

160 Have yourself a power nap

161 Test out a new hairstyle

162 Take an online class or course

163 Explore your neighborhood on foot

164 Memorize the periodic table

165 Learn how to play an instrument

166 Learn how to actually paint a beautiful picture

167 Sow some flower seeds

168 Make your own bath bombs

169 Empty your mailbox or messages and send responses

170 Give some attention to your mental health

171 Listen to a personal development podcast

172 Take pictures

173 3-item to-do list

174 Reset your kitchen

175 Read a motivational book

176 Bake a cake

177 Declutter your makeup collection

178 Dust off your electronics

179 Have a pamper day

180 Look up yummy recipes online

181 Download a new productivity app

182 Start using trello to organize your digital world

183 Meditate

184 Practice mindfulness

185 Meet a stranger

186 Draw

187 Clean your jewelry

188 Learn another language

189 Go to a free museum or show

190 Learn how to belly dance

191 Pay bills

192 Write a book and put it up on amazon

193 Go on a last-minute road trip

194 Do something nice for your loved ones

195 Start an instagram profile for your pet

196 Plan a family or friend meet-up

197 Learn something new on youtube

198 Visit a bookstore and buy a motivating book

199 Study interesting data

200 Sign up to online courses and take notes while watching

201 Practice speaking in front of a mirror

202 Put together an emergency bag

203 Find and learn new, interesting words

204 Learn to code on codecademy

205 Research your dream career

206 Make a list of your professional goals

207 Review your retirement options

208 Google ways to make some side money

209 Donate blood (and thank you for doing that)

210 Try to find the reasons why you are unproductive

211 Then make a plan to eliminate those reasons

212 Unsubscribe from 10 newsletters

213 Read something important

214 Get a job

215 Go to a museum

216 Set goals

217 Change your morning routine

218 Bring on a coach

219 Learn how to grow your money

220 Spend time with those that push and challenge you

221 Start a side project

222 Create a plan to pay off debt

223 Try some productivity hacks

224 Relax and embrace nostalgia

225 Construct paper airplanes

226 Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone

227 Focus on happiness

228 Have a dance party

229 Make an obstacle course

230 Create a when i grow up poster

231 Go walking in the countryside (if you can)

232 Take up some new responsibilities

233 Join product hunt

234 Make a list of things you need

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