53 Ways to be more present

1 Slow it down

2 Share your gratitude

3 Practice mindfulness

4 Take a deep breath

5 Connect to your breath

6 Focus on one thing

7 Connect to your senses

8 Put the phone down

9 Make eye contact

10 Observe your surroundings

11 Celebrate the little things

12 Listen fully

13 Practice meditation

14 Ground yourself outside

15 Relish in the simple pleasures

16 Write it (all of it!) down

17 Wiggle your toes!

18 Savor & enjoy your food

19 Pay attention to the full experience of breathing

20 Stay in the present moment

21 Change what youre doing

22 Focus on the sensations

23 Incorporate mini meditations into your day

24 Engage with nature

25 Step away from the digital space

26 Begin to practice gratitude

27 Trust yourself

28 Change up your routine

29 Make an authentic connection

30 Try a digital detox

31 Live prayerfully

32 Reflect

33 Notice your body

34 Go light on the itinerary

35 Be consciously present

36 Adopt a growth mindset

37 Fill your life with reciprocal systems

38 Cultivate rituals

39 Reclaim your attention from technology

40 Create space by feeling through your emotional clutter

41 Practice single tasking and deep work

42 Listen to your body

43 Make spaciousness your default

44 Do not disturb

45 Do less

46 Smile and laugh more often

47 Exercise as often as you can

48 Remember how fleeting childhood is

49 Have daily one-on-one time

50 Adjust your agenda

51 Visit a club

52 Tell me about yourself

53 Pay attention to your partner

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