25 Ways to be happy after a breakup

1 Keep yourself busy

2 Focus on the positives

3 Reach out to friends and family

4 Keep them healthy

5 Be excited about what the future holds

6 Process your feelings

7 Take care of yourself

8 Think its for the best

9 Bargaining (a

10 Establish a new routine

11 Distance yourself from the relationship

12 Acknowledge how you feel

13 Slowly let them go

14 Surround yourself with loved ones

15 Take your time

16 Let yourself be sad

17 I reconnected with old friends

18 Acknowledge your positive attributes

19 Think that you deserve better

20 Rediscover old interests

21 Deal with your grief

22 Avoid visiting places you used to visit together

23 Longing

24 Denial

25 Invest in your physical health in other ways

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