65 Ways to be good to yourself

1 Be yourself

2 Get outside

3 Be kinder towards others

4 Ask for help when you need it

5 Be kind to yourself

6 Tell yourself you are loved

7 Self-care

8 Choose to set boundaries

9 Forgive yourself

10 Meditate regularly

11 Laugh

12 Take care of yourself

13 List your good qualities

14 Accept help from other people

15 Welcome the good

16 Get a good nights sleep

17 Acknowledge your emotions

18 Pay it forward, to yourself

19 Get enough rest and relaxation

20 Indulge in a massage

21 Eat well and eat mindfully

22 Prepare breakfast ahead of time

23 Turn off the negative, derogatory, self-talk

24 Stretch it out

25 Create time for yourself

26 Try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand

27 Give yourself a hug

28 Make yourself laugh

29 Spend time in nature

30 Give yourself the recognition you deserve

31 Be good to yourself

32 Write a sweet letter to yourself

33 Accept complimentsgracefully

34 Breathe consciously

35 Treat yourself like you would your own best friend

36 Get out there and exercise

37 Do things that make you happy

38 Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations

39 Be thankful

40 Stay in the present moment

41 Spend time alone every single day

42 Dance around

43 Get out of town

44 Make sexual wellness a part of your routine

45 Take a personal day

46 Practice gratitude

47 Practise mindfulness

48 Clean for 30 minutes

49 Surround yourself with people who lift you up

50 Have a care-free dance session

51 Manage stress

52 Cultivate self-acceptance

53 Ask your guidance system for help

54 Surround yourself with people you feel good with

55 Be compassionate when sh*t hits the fan

56 Make room for healthy habits

57 Postpone your worry and negative thoughts

58 Accept what you cannot love

59 Learn to be an observer

60 Be a loving parent (to yourself)

61 Smile today at something or someone you love

62 Try something new

63 Take a laugh-break

64 Remember, the future is still in your hands

65 Just show up

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