24 Ways to deal with anxiety

1 Get lots of sleep

2 Learn your triggers

3 Practice meditation

4 Cultivate acceptance about your anxiety

5 Take a deep breath

6 Contact a therapist

7 Confront sources of anxiety you can control

8 Please respond if someone reaches out for help

9 Challenge anxiety-driven, distressing thoughts

10 Stay connected

11 Do something you enjoy

12 Seek professional help

13 Practice deep-breathing techniques

14 Accept that its normal to be stressed out right now

15 Take action through value-driven behaviors

16 Take a break

17 Lay off the coffee

18 Limit caffeine and alcohol

19 Eat regularly

20 Move more

21 Get involved in your community

22 Seek out support groups

23 Talk to someone

24 Take a moment to slow down

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