72 Ways to be more organized

1 Set a place for everything in your home

2 Keeping your space clean at work

3 Make your bed

4 Write everything down

5 Stay updated

6 Use a planner

7 Establish a routine

8 Track your progress

9 Delegate assignments

10 Set your priorities

11 Keep your desk clean

12 Plan for the future

13 Planning

14 Have a place for everything

15 Go paperless when you can

16 Establish daily, weekly and monthly routines

17 Make a daily plan

18 Organize your emails into folders

19 Keep things where you use them

20 Use a timer

21 Use your email calendar

22 Avoid the urge to multitask

23 Make sure everything has a home

24 Make schedules and deadlines

25 Improve your workspace for increased productivity

26 Celebrate your achievements

27 Eliminate distractions

28 Create schedules for weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning

29 Be a minimalist

30 Organize your passwords

31 Keep a planner, or a planner app

32 Plan a cleaning schedule

33 Organize your bedroom

34 Declutter your wallet regularly

35 Clean-floor policy

36 Schedule travel time

37 Create a weekly food theme

38 Take it one project at a time

39 Be goal-oriented

40 Make a clear decision to get organized

41 Start setting alarms and reminders

42 Plan your next day outfits every evening

43 Create a google drive

44 Utilize a calendar or planner

45 Make some lists

46 Connect with the end result

47 Strive for inbox zero

48 Reduce visual clutter

49 Define deadlines

50 Streamline your cleaning products with a shoe organizer

51 Keep track of your time in a smart way

52 Meal planning

53 Find the right tools to use

54 Stock your backpack

55 Label everything (seriously, everything)

56 Make a long-term commitment

57 Time block your days

58 Write down your tasks and goals

59 Ask for help

60 Throw perfection out the window

61 Finish your chores first

62 Create folders for meetings

63 Invest in waterproof & organized travel luggage

64 Throw away expired cans & dry goods

65 Clean out your toolbox

66 Set manageable goals

67 Create a unified view of your entire life

68 Print out a free calendar

69 Break down big tasks into smaller tasks

70 Create an editorial calendar

71 Collaboration

72 Multitask mind

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