58 Ways to be more sure of yourself

1 Act confident

2 Smile more

3 Face your fear

4 Take time to discover your strengths

5 Prepare

6 Celebrate the wins/give yourself credit

7 Take up new challenges

8 Help others (especially strangers)

9 Get positive

10 Make eye contact

11 Be kind

12 Confident women trust themselves and the decisions they make

13 Get out there and exercise

14 Cuddle someone or something

15 Stop comparing yourself with other people

16 Practice self-confidence

17 Listen to your intuition

18 Speak slowly

19 Ask for their help

20 Smile and look people in the eye

21 Change or adopt a small habit

22 Pay attention to your body language

23 Embrace your imperfections

24 Dress in a way that makes you feel good

25 Get outside more

26 List your past successes and accomplishments

27 Live by your principles and values

28 Meditate and be mindful

29 Smile and try to enjoy the process

30 Learn from and emulate others you respect and admire

31 Be happy together

32 Try therapy or counseling

33 Take care of yourself

34 Pop quiz

35 Imagine playing freaky friday with another person

36 Hydrate

37 Create a plan if youre feeling overwhelmed

38 Find and open your heart

39 Acknowledge what makes you different

40 Replace judgement with curiosity

41 Dress the part

42 Move

43 Be self-forgiving and accept your past mistakes

44 Learn how to love yourself by saying no to others

45 Let them figure out problems by themselves

46 Let them act their age

47 Encourage curiosity

48 Avoid creating short cuts or making exceptions for your child

49 Never criticize their performance

50 Open the door to new experiences

51 Teach them what you know how to do

52 Praise them when they deal with adversity

53 Applaud their courage to try something new

54 Be authoritative, but not too forceful or strict

55 Overcome your limiting beliefs

56 Trust your capabilities

57 Learn to receive praise

58 Suspend judgment

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