65 Ways to be sure of yourself

1 Care for yourself

2 Learn something new

3 Be kind to yourself

4 Stop comparing

5 Celebrate the small wins

6 Help others

7 Laugh at yourself

8 Picture the positive

9 Express yourself freely

10 Get outside

11 Ask for help when you need it

12 Take time for self-care

13 Turn off the negative, derogatory, self-talk

14 Accept compliments gracefully

15 Develop a consistent morning routine

16 Forgive yourself

17 Be honest with yourself

18 Review your credit report

19 Go explore somewhere new!!

20 Love yourself

21 Smile

22 Be thankful

23 Build on your strengths

24 Manage your stress

25 Set reasonable goals

26 Get prepared

27 Make eye contact

28 Speak slowly

29 Go for a hike

30 Go for a walk

31 Identify your strengths and weaknesses

32 Spend money on happiness

33 Practice mindfulness

34 Sleep in

35 Get in touch with your body

36 Surround yourself with positive influences

37 Visit with your family

38 Stop avoiding yourself

39 Start sleeping earlier and waking up earlier

40 Prioritise yourself

41 Write a letter

42 Indulge in a massage

43 Wash your face, take a shower if you can

44 Do a bunch of little productive tasks

45 Hone your set of skills

46 Dance around

47 Give yourself a time out

48 Study a new language

49 Let go of your anger

50 Clean out your closet

51 Take responsibility for your happiness

52 Breathe the right scents

53 Eat more fruits and veggies

54 Get out of town

55 Surround yourself with people who lift you up

56 Get a boost of optimism

57 Take a selfie

58 Be kind and generous

59 Exercise

60 Trust your capabilities

61 Learn to receive praise

62 Embrace your imperfections

63 Ground yourself

64 Build your letting-go muscle

65 Take a class

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