36 Ways to train your mind to be positive

1 Be grateful

2 Surround yourself with positive people

3 Practice gratitude​ to think positive

4 Have fun/reward yourself

5 Use positive self-talk

6 Be kind and generous

7 Add value and positivity to someone elses life

8 Learn how to take criticism in a healthy way

9 Start your day with a positive thought

10 Stop complaining

11 Give some time to yourself

12 Think positive

13 Stop all-or-nothing thinking​

14 Share your problems

15 Make positive emotions by watching positive videos​

16 Be mindful of your thoughts

17 Consider meditation

18 Respect the feelings of others

19 Transform a negative into a positive

20 Find positive friends, mentors and co-workers

21 Take deep breaths

22 Reward yourself for your accomplishments

23 Help somebody

24 Savor positive moments to extend positive thoughts

25 Choose a mantra for the day

26 Stop minimizing your successes​

27 Separate fact from fiction

28 Identify a positive

29 Negativity doesnt work literally our subconcious brain cant handle it

30 Chainsaw

31 Meditate

32 Practice conscious acts of kindness

33 Improve your sense of humor

34 Take a walk

35 Focus on your form

36 Change your language

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