57 Ways to be a happy person and enjoy your life

1 Be grateful

2 Believe you can be happy

3 Be forgiving

4 Get some exercise

5 Practice meditation

6 Stay balanced

7 Smile

8 Be thankful

9 Avoid negative thoughts

10 Be kind to yourself

11 Accept yourself

12 Talk with friends

13 Do things alone

14 Serve and help others

15 Eat a healthy meal/snack

16 Share your feelings with others

17 Living in the moment

18 Get plenty of sleep

19 Take care of yourself

20 Spend time in nature

21 Do what you love

22 Find those silver linings

23 Determine what happiness will look like for you

24 Build meaningful connections

25 Dont be cynical

26 Work on being optimistic

27 Practice gratitude for what you have

28 Appreciate the things you have

29 Focus on the positives

30 Focus on your strengths

31 Keep company with good people

32 Give yourself a confidence boost

33 Let yourself rest

34 Speak daily affirmation into your life

35 Appreciation (to value it)

36 Practice self-care on a daily basis

37 Get the help you need

38 Be genuinely happy for other people

39 Practice being grateful every day

40 Make your own happiness a priority

41 Stay true to your values

42 Practice smiling more

43 Love and companionship

44 Stay open-minded

45 Make the decision to be happier

46 Get regular exercise

47 Distract yourself

48 Make plans for your future

49 Wipe your happiness slate clean

50 Have an open mind

51 Make difficult choices rather than putting them off

52 Spend time with people you care about

53 Add some natural elements

54 Write a thank you note to someone this week

55 Make a photo album

56 Connect with yourself

57 Dont rush through life

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