26 Ways to be a nice person that everyone likes

1 Give a sincere compliment

2 Likable people are encouraging

3 Smile

4 Genuinely listen

5 Make your s

6 Be friendly and polite

7 Compliment other people

8 Be realistic

9 Dont be critical

10 Respect others and their opinions

11 Show that you like them

12 Fake people are only around when its convenient for them

13 Enjoy the company of others

14 Fake people seek attention to validate themselves

15 Learn how to be a good listener

16 Apologize excessively

17 Anxiety

18 Have a friendly, open demeanor

19 Fake people distract from their fakeness with gossip

20 Do what they love

21 Be demure

22 Do not form groups

23 Resist the fear of missing out (fomo)

24 Check your assumptions about what it means to say no

25 Consider how to use a modified no

26 Be an active listener

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