42 Ways to enjoy life

1 Try new things

2 Be grateful

3 Work on mindfulness

4 Celebrate

5 Get enough rest

6 Read a good book

7 Reduce distractions

8 Make peace with yourself

9 Get some exercise

10 Make time to relax

11 Do something you love

12 Smile more

13 Start creating something

14 Get the help you need

15 Make mindfulness a practice

16 Appreciate what you have

17 Be faithful and kind

18 Plan for

19 Get an adequate amount of sleep

20 Celebrate the tiny joys

21 Take care of your body

22 Find a hobby

23 Play instrument / creating music

24 Develop a morning and evening routine

25 Spend time with friends and family

26 Practice being grateful every day

27 Plant something

28 Learn new things

29 Move your limbs

30 Make peace with others

31 Surround yourself with joy

32 Get rid of clutter

33 Get outside and get some fresh air

34 Turn off your phone

35 Make sure youre giving back

36 Take a new class

37 Be okay being different

38 Perform a random act of kindness

39 Be your own best friend

40 Get motivated to face the day

41 Go on an hitchhiking trip with your friend

42 October 2018

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