39 Ways to be a good student

1 Good teachers are lifelong learners

2 Stay positive

3 Make teaching and learning fun!

4 Organize a study group

5 Take good notes in class

6 Be organised

7 Avoid distractions

8 Successful teachers have a positive attitude

9 Successful teachers have clear objectives

10 Good teachers have patience

11 Praise and encourage your students

12 Create a supportive classroom environment

13 Become a mentor

14 Goal-setting

15 Ask for their help

16 Develop a study schedule

17 Introduce yourself and find out what your students aims are

18 Be observant

19 Create an internship

20 Find ways to be interactive

21 Start getting early info on future courses

22 Recopy your notes after class

23 Do not hesitate to ask for help

24 Increase student engagement

25 Improve your time management skills

26 Watch for feedback and adapt to it

27 Discipline skills

28 Consider a study group

29 Research a topic you would like to explore

30 Keep yourself motivated

31 Display student work in the classroom

32 Do your assignments or homework

33 Successful teachers adapt to student needs

34 Make homework less of a chore

35 Learn about your rights

36 Collaboration skills

37 Harry potter

38 Study for admissions tests

39 See the bigger picture

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