28 Ways to be a better student

1 Express gratitude

2 Give basic mental health training to all teachers

3 Get involved!

4 Listen to the correct type of music

5 Inspire students

6 Demonstrate mutual trust and respect

7 Make things fun

8 Get plenty of good-quality sleep

9 Give learning feedback and offer chances to improve

10 Teach, teach, teach

11 Know how to manage your time

12 Take your students perspective

13 Take notes and ask questions to stay engaged in class

14 Take frequent breaks while you study

15 Have self-esteem

16 Set goals for yourself

17 Encourage self-reflection

18 Analyze the feedback

19 Choose a quiet place to study without distractions

20 Practice constructive discipline

21 Offer incentives

22 Increase student engagement

23 Let the teacher do the teaching

24 P

25 Set systems and routines

26 Write weekly, monthly, yearly reviews + adapt

27 Seek out others for help (especially peers)

28 Offer varied experiences

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