5 Ways to make money teaching online courses

People have been known to make over a million dollars a year teaching courses that they create just once. John Azzi and Eliot Arntz made over a million teaching a online programming course on iOS 8 app development and its new Swift programming language. Similarly, Rob Percival made over a million dollars by offering four different courses online.

If you use something on a daily basis, chances are you already know more than most people about it and they would love to learn from your expertise. Why not offer something that helps them and you too for some extra money. You would be surprised to know that Microsoft Excel is the most sought after course in Udemy, the largest online marketplace for courses. But there are other things that you might consider simple that you could offer such as Evernote basics, Learn Scrivener Fast, and Master Sketchup. There are many places where you can host these courses and make money when people enroll for them.

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1 Udemy

Udemy This is the largest online teaching platform where you can uploaded courses and get people to enroll for them. You can choose to promote the courses yourself, or through Udemy. You get to set the rates for the course, but if Udemy promotes it, then they take 50% of the revenue as commission, else you get to keep 100%. ]

2 Odijoo

Odijoo There are two ways you can make money with Odijoo. First, just like Udemy, you launch courses and get to keep 90% of the revenue. An alternative way is to launch a classroom, which incurs a $2000 annual fee and charges $7 per seat, but you get to keep whatever you make apart from these fees. ]

3 Popexpert

Popexpert You can sell your expertise in various domains such as meditation, nutrition, relationships and many more, in the form of videos. You can set your rate for 50 minute video sessions, set your schedule and instruct via video. They charge fees based on whether they referred (20% commission) or you got the client (3% commission). ]

4 Edge2go

edge2go You can apply and get selected. They will help you develop your coures, as they have experience doing this since 1997. You get to keep a percentage of your revenue. ]

5 Faculty at open universities

There are online universities that are constantly on the lookout for faculty that can teach the subjects they are interested in such as the University of Phoenix. You can search for similar roles on Monster

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