35 Ways to be responsible

1 Stop making excuses for yourself

2 Offset your carbon footprint

3 Stop blaming other people

4 Stay persistent

5 Learn to budget

6 Make a schedule to plan your time

7 Set goals

8 Check your credit report

9 Use public transportation

10 Hold yourself accountable for your actions

11 Identify your responsibilities 5 min

12 Choose sustainable accommodation and tour operators

13 Shop locally

14 Respect other peoples opinions

15 Stay in eco-friendly accommodations

16 Commit to protecting the environment

17 Ask before you snap someones photo

18 Start buying smart

19 Learn how to control your spending habits

20 Focus on taking action

21 Dont support animal tourism

22 Practice self-control

23 Build self-confidence

24 Register your vehicle in a timely fashion

25 Travel off the beaten path and choose less popular destinations

26 Do good deeds

27 Calculate your net worth

28 Save for emergencies

29 Learn how to shop for insurance

30 Know what you need to do to buy a house

31 Avoid the crowds

32 Learn how to manage your finances

33 Buy local items

34 Watch your waste

35 Volunteer some of your time

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