31 Ways to be accountable to yourself

1 Find an accountability partner

2 Reward yourself when you achieve positive outcomes

3 Create micro-goals

4 Hold yourself accountable

5 Write everything down

6 Reflect on your progress

7 Commit to a schedule

8 Be honest with yourself

9 Start a mastermind group

10 Get a coach

11 Set smart goals

12 Be honest with yourself and others

13 Something about protein

14 Reward your accomplishments and milestones

15 Track and review your progress regularly

16 Use a journal

17 Set deadlines and review progress

18 Identify your personal mission statement

19 Ask harder questions

20 Dumbbell standing shoulder press 3 x 12-15

21 Use technology to your advantage

22 Create an action plan

23 Get in the right mindset

24 Connect to your emotions

25 Log your stats

26 Use lists wisely

27 Emphasize your strengths, improve your weaknesses

28 Value your time

29 Respect time and tasks with outcomes

30 Health at every size?

31 Trial and error

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