51 Ways to be nice to your family

1 Share your gratitude

2 Spend mealtime together

3 Tell them you love them

4 Have fun

5 Pray together as a family

6 Read and write together

7 Be kind, yourself

8 Do a good deed

9 Put down your phone / turn off the tv

10 Cook together

11 Spend dedicated time together

12 Exercise or workout together

13 Go for a walk after dinner

14 Show that your love is unconditional

15 Give someone a compliment

16 Try some board games

17 Encourage laughter

18 Act on your gratitude list

19 Clean the house together

20 Have a weekly family night

21 Organize a game night

22 Donate your old clothes to the salvation army

23 Turn the mobile phone off

24 Learn with them

25 Share responsibilities

26 Celebrate family traditions

27 Giving your property to your kids

28 Write a poem for someone you love

29 Give them hugs and kisses

30 Make dinner for a family in need

31 Rake leaves (or do gardening) for a neighbor

32 Be flexible and willing to

33 Recommend someone your favorite book/movie

34 Host a party

35 Ask about their day

36 Create healthy habits

37 I love you even when you are angry at me

38 Empathize with your child and model empathy for others

39 Whittle a stick

40 Get plenty of sleep

41 Connect with someone

42 Eat wisely

43 Step it up!

44 Be kind

45 Address stress

46 Ask your doctor about supplements

47 Plan in advance, but dont pay in advance

48 Value relationships over material wealth

49 Take a break

50 Set consequences

51 Say hello

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