60 Ways to be more friendly

1 Buy a reusable water bottle

2 Recycle

3 Be consistent

4 Grow your own food

5 Invest in energy efficient light bulbs

6 Start a compost!

7 Save water with a low-flow shower head

8 Cancel junk mail

9 Turn down the thermostat

10 Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

11 Minimize food waste

12 Give a sincere compliment

13 Think green when cleaning

14 Conserve water

15 Offer to help

16 Buy second-hand

17 Bring your own cup to the coffee shop

18 Buy recycled furniture

19 Have a positive attitude

20 Change to led light bulbs

21 Water outdoor plants in the early morning

22 Cook with residual heat

23 Reduce, reuse, and recycle

24 Adjust your thermostat

25 Wash your clothes in cold water

26 Surround yourself with friendly people

27 Consider carpooling

28 Make your own cleaning supplies

29 Accept more invitations

30 Switch off lights and electrical equipment

31 Maximize natural light

32 Clean the air

33 Install a low-flow toilet

34 Be aware of your body language

35 Eat more plant-based

36 Ditch the tumble dryer

37 Repair that leaky faucet

38 Consider clean energy options

39 Know your washing machine

40 Dont be repetitive

41 Stop food waste

42 Utilise eco-friendly cleaning supplies

43 Avoid single-use plastic

44 Donate unused items

45 Reduce energy consumption

46 Invest in energy-efficient appliances for the home

47 Take a smart approach to lighting and energy usage

48 Avoid using disposable place settings

49 Plan your meals

50 Drive less and go electric

51 Only run your dishwasher when its full

52 Invest in an energy-efficient vent fan

53 Remember the 3 rs

54 Keep the car in shape

55 Dont waste food

56 Encourage green commuting

57 Buy a cleaner car

58 Shower with your partner

59 Lightbulbs baby

60 Recognize and utilize your strengths

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