21 Ways to be less selfish in a relationship

1 Selfish people are uncaring towards others

2 Be a really good listener

3 Take the time to really listen

4 Give up the control

5 Stop doing everything that they demand you to do

6 Demonstrate your love

7 Cultivate a healthy lifestyle

8 Donate some of your money

9 Selfish people also have a hard time accepting being wrong

10 Show a bit of empathy

11 Be responsible, and admit that you are selfish

12 Let others decide what to do

13 Ask yourself this question

14 Give your parents a call

15 Enjoy giving the spotlight to others

16 Try putting your needs last

17 Everything happens on their terms

18 Reach out

19 Think, would you like to befriend yourself?

20 Make a gratitude list

21 Get a pet

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