39 Ways to be in a healthy relationship

1 Be friendly

2 Show your gratitude and appreciation

3 Communicate, communicate, communicate

4 Respect each other

5 Spend some time apart

6 Develop trust

7 Trust and respect your partner

8 Express honesty and openness

9 Affection

10 Ask for what you want

11 Be honest with each other

12 Support

13 Fun

14 Get to know your partner deeply

15 Be friends with each other

16 Develop empathy

17 Show attention and appreciation

18 Act with compassion

19 Keep your relationship interesting

20 Encourage self growth in your partner

21 Let go of grudges

22 Ask dont assume you know

23 Communicate your values

24 Hug like you mean it

25 Express your emotions

26 Talk about sex

27 Set expectations and boundaries

28 Redefine intimacy

29 Tell your partner often why you love them

30 Communicate openly with your partner

31 Focus on positive interactions

32 Body language

33 Be your own best friend

34 Focus on the present, not the past

35 Make me time

36 Respect and boundaries

37 Loyalty

38 Shift your focus

39 Engage in self growth

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