34 Ways to be resilient at work

1 Stay connected

2 Take care of yourself

3 Be optimistic

4 Embrace change

5 Know yourself

6 Practice mindfulness

7 Take care of your health

8 Continue to innovate

9 Create a support network

10 Practice self-compassion

11 Be flexible

12 Find ways to help others

13 Accountability and complexity

14 Transparency and communication

15 Communicate regularly and openly

16 Cultivate forgiveness

17 Strengthen resilience within individual employees

18 Build a strong support network

19 Resilient leaders build positive relationships

20 Find a sense of purpose

21 Resilient leaders communicate powerfully

22 Build resilience at an organisational level

23 Be a person of action

24 Reflect on past success

25 Practice gratitude

26 Define success

27 Take risks

28 Meditate

29 Get informed understand why resilience is so important

30 Pick yourself up, as many times as it takes

31 Reward the small wins

32 Build relationships

33 Create your own meaning

34 Confront your iceberg beliefs

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