39 Ways to be more interesting in conversation

1 Give someone a compliment

2 Listen carefully

3 Smile

4 Start up a conversation

5 Use open-ended questions

6 I ask questions

7 Ask an opinion

8 Dont stress out

9 Have confidence

10 Feel attractive

11 Know what things to talk about with a girl

12 Do what you can to help

13 Be more interested to be more interesting

14 If you had to change

15 Television

16 Make them laugh

17 Exude confident benevolence

18 Remember to be yourself

19 Listen for the emotions

20 Simply introduce yourself

21 Do you play any sports?

22 Do you like calling or texting better?

23 Learn how to cook at least one meal really well

24 Give up the need to be right

25 Talk less about you

26 Do you prefer to stay in or go out?

27 Consider time and space

28 Make an observation

29 Food

30 Comedy / humor

31 Fame

32 Be curious

33 Learn how to tell a good story

34 Have three good stories ready to share

35 Follow your interests

36 Read a lot

37 Display a sense of humor

38 Show enthusiasm

39 Dont force humor

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