22 Ways to be a better mentor

1 Have respect for each other

2 Focus on the mentee

3 Give constructive feedback

4 Be honest

5 Practice empathy

6 Determine what you need in a mentor

7 Communicate and listen

8 Develop a mutually beneficial relationship

9 Improve productivity

10 Dont approach a stranger to be your mentor

11 Let your mentee make their own decisions

12 Be prepared for mentorship appointments

13 Show that you genuinely care/compassion

14 Actually ask them to be your mentor

15 Commit to the relationship

16 Connect to develop a relationship of trust

17 Look within your network to identify potential mentors

18 Understand your goals and set clear expectations

19 Provide encouragement

20 Meeting expectations

21 Managing time and attending to all tasks effectively and patiently

22 Share ideas

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