27 Ways to be quick on your feet

1 Stay dry

2 Wear the right shoes

3 Ask questions

4 Pause and think

5 Wear shoes that fit

6 Pick the right socks

7 Stay calm

8 Relax yourself

9 Repeat the question, if appropriate

10 Soak in epsom salt

11 Ingrown toenails

12 Stretch it out

13 Dont cut corners when trimming toenails

14 Osteoarthritis

15 Avoid being defensive

16 Toe presses

17 Consider toe warmers

18 Disinfect your shoes

19 Get rid of cracked heels

20 Heel liners/ heel grips

21 Get serious about socks

22 Invest in comfy-cozy slippers

23 Moisturize the skin

24 Get a massage

25 Respond in outline form

26 Lookout for nonverbal cues

27 Summarize

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