39 Ways to be respectful to others

1 Respect

2 Be kind and courteous

3 Listenreally listen

4 Respect your kids

5 Listen to others

6 Treat others with respect

7 Avoid gossip, teasing and other unprofessional behavior

8 Live with integrity

9 Keep your word

10 Trust

11 Show some respect

12 Be open with praise giving

13 Own up to your own mistakes

14 Develop assertiveness

15 Apologize when you screw up

16 Refrain from saying dont argue with me

17 Tell your children that you enjoy spending time with them

18 Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness

19 Avoid the gossip mill

20 Speak positively

21 Practice humility

22 Figure out what makes you respect yourself

23 Advance the conversation by normalizing it

24 Help others as occasions arise

25 Dairy

26 Foster collaboration

27 Share something personal

28 Remember the little details

29 Keep classes orderly

30 Lead by example

31 Tune in and connect

32 Refuse to discriminate

33 Be clear when you want something

34 Lend a helping hand or ear

35 Be willing to change

36 Dont abuse your power

37 Be a gossip avoider

38 Admit your mistakes

39 Model respectful behavior

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