33 Ways to be a great conversationalist

1 Ask open-ended questions

2 Listen

3 Give unique compliments

4 Be respectful

5 Ask this type of question

6 Show genuine interest

7 Speak slowly

8 Stay engaged in the conversation

9 Conversation creates connection

10 Avoid small talk

11 Dont be distracted

12 Dont be scared by silence

13 Find your common ground

14 Relax and be yourself

15 Know yourself

16 Ask for their opinion on something

17 Be comfortable

18 Learn by copying out great dialogue writing

19 Ask for their advice or recommendations

20 Comment on the environment

21 Model yourself after someone whose conversation skills you admire

22 Try not to repeat yourself

23 Stay out of the weeds

24 Be brief

25 Find common ground and relate

26 Turn your phone off

27 Resist the fear of missing out (fomo)

28 Check your assumptions about what it means to say no

29 Consider how to use a modified no

30 Ask open instead of closed questions

31 Cut filler

32 Include conflict and disagreement

33 Involve context for tone and atmosphere

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