44 Ways to be a good conversationalist with a girl

1 Give a compliment

2 Give your girl a compliment

3 Ask for their opinion

4 Ask her a what if question

5 Talk about the future

6 Embrace silence

7 Simply introduce yourself

8 Talk about something you both have in common

9 Listen!

10 Let go of the outcome

11 Ask for a small favor

12 Skip the small talk

13 Show genuine interest

14 Be comfortable

15 Let the person talk about herself

16 Talk about your favorite movies or tv shows

17 Ask for their advice or recommendations

18 Ask her about her old hobbies

19 Know what things to talk about with a girl

20 Talk with, not about

21 Mention a shared experience

22 Do you still keep in touch with childhood friends?

23 Speak clearly

24 Touch on elements of rapport

25 Look into her eyes

26 Build points of similarity

27 Family

28 Talk about your day

29 Talk about yourself

30 Talk about her

31 Make loose plans

32 Be direct

33 Talk about dating

34 Talk about hangout ideas

35 Talk about personal passions

36 Talk about your accomplishments

37 Pay attention to your surroundings

38 Past or future vacations

39 Talk about funny stuff

40 Reaffirm your plans

41 Make an observation

42 Give an uncommon compliment

43 Make a positive assumption

44 Ask a specific, inviting question

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