47 Ways to be a better conversationalist

1 Give unique compliments

2 Ask open ended questions

3 Listen

4 Show genuine interest

5 Speak slowly

6 Ask this type of question

7 Stay present

8 Conversation creates connection

9 Relax and be yourself

10 Be friendly and polite

11 Keep the eye-contact

12 Say what you think

13 Provide feedback

14 Ask for their opinion on something

15 Be genuinely interested in the other person

16 Make things easy

17 Dont be distracted

18 Keep conversations focused on them

19 Pick up on nonverbal cues

20 Be genuine

21 Do not exaggerate

22 Develop empathy

23 Display a sense of humor

24 Give, give, give

25 Pay attention to emotions

26 Avoid unnecessary details

27 Know yourself

28 Dont mind the silences

29 Step out of your comfort zone

30 Change up the routine

31 Know how to start a conversation

32 Practice active listening

33 Cut to the chase

34 Take a breath

35 Learn, learn, learn

36 Find common ground and relate

37 Admit when you dont know

38 Be brief

39 Be present

40 Be courteous

41 Take the time

42 Make an observation

43 Resist the fear of missing out (fomo)

44 Check your assumptions about what it means to say no

45 Consider how to use a modified no

46 Keep that smart phone away

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