52 Ways to be a better person and be happy

1 Show gratitude

2 Spend time outside

3 Read a book

4 Smile

5 Forgive yourself

6 Treat yourself

7 Go for some exercise

8 Be polite

9 Love yourself

10 Remind yourself why you love those closest to you

11 Consider meditation

12 Pay compliments

13 Be kind to yourself

14 Set yourself goals

15 Listen

16 Dont be critical

17 Stay in touch

18 Serve and help others

19 Get organized

20 Appreciation (to value it)

21 Practice smiling more

22 Spend time with people who make you happy

23 Be able to laugh at yourself

24 Practice gratitude for what you have

25 Define your vision and set goals yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily

26 Change your perspective

27 Give back to others

28 Find your strengths

29 Save money…

30 Have the will to change

31 Give hugs (to those you know)

32 Avoid gossip

33 Pay attention to others

34 Foster friendship

35 Let go of self-abuse by loving yourself enough to love others

36 Embrace change

37 Keep your commitments – no matter what

38 Change up your vocabulary

39 Forgive those who have offended you, even if theyre not sorry

40 Drink more water

41 Let go of making excuses

42 Accept support or help

43 Be nice to others…just you can

44 Be helpful in little ways

45 Make your own happiness a priority

46 Get outside and get some fresh air

47 Commit to lifelong learning

48 Figure out what makes you truly happy

49 Decrease stress

50 Communicate honestly

51 Bring the positivity

52 Move around

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