64 Ways to be successful

1 Practise gratitude

2 Confidence in yourself

3 Find a mentor

4 Stay focused

5 Get rid of distractions

6 Be consistent

7 Avoid any conflict

8 Visualize your goals

9 Have fun along the way

10 Network

11 Learn from your mistakes

12 Build your network

13 Keep a notebook

14 Make your willpower stronger

15 Get organized

16 Consider the big picture

17 Focus on commitment

18 Communicate, communicate, communicate

19 Do the most important tasks first

20 Ask questions

21 Practice mindfulness and meditation

22 Find what you love to do and do it

23 Clear objectives and requirements

24 Be creative/have a vivid imagination

25 Be honest with yourself

26 Learn from the experts

27 Surpass your former self/always keep improving

28 Get them around their peers

29 Engage in honest, open communication

30 Work hard and work smart

31 Be strong emotionally

32 Plan ahead

33 Develop a good work/life balance

34 Be a person of action

35 Be wary of your weak spots

36 Stay neutral and calm

37 Build on your strengths

38 Continue to learn as much as you can

39 Do not be afraid of failure

40 Surround yourself with the right people

41 Prioritize what is truly important

42 Manage your finances

43 Find a role model

44 Replace warm showers with cold ones

45 Prioritize tasks thoughtfully

46 Learn what matters

47 Make it personal

48 Stop reading

49 Commit to the long term

50 Find your passion

51 Surround yourself with people who push you

52 Give up the fixed mindset

53 Work backwards from your goal

54 Set clear deadlines

55 Write down your goals

56 Break your goals down

57 Use your goals in every aspect of your life

58 Define success on your own terms

59 Connect the dots/recognize patterns

60 Break big tasks into smaller ones

61 Identify your passions

62 Have self-compassion

63 Study

64 Have an unwavering resolution to succeed

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