71 Ways to be successful in life

1 Show appreciation

2 Avoid any conflict

3 Trust yourself

4 Plan ahead

5 Stop looking for validation

6 Seek mentors

7 Learn from your failures

8 Surround yourself with right people

9 Set clear goals

10 Identify your success

11 Develop a good work/life balance

12 Be a person of action

13 Be kind to others

14 Get rid of distractions

15 Eat healthy- be healthy

16 Have fun!

17 Surround yourself with great people

18 Manage your finances

19 Network

20 Get organised

21 Make your willpower stronger

22 Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

23 Stick to your commitments

24 Avoid distractions

25 Be flexible and accommodating

26 Always keep learning

27 Raise your standards and truly commit to success

28 Improve your basic social skills

29 Dont compare with others

30 Develop good money habits

31 Be kind, considerate and courteous

32 Identify with your goals

33 Be strong emotionally

34 Confidence in yourself

35 Work hard and work smart

36 Optimism and positivity

37 Change your perspective

38 Get gritty

39 Be passionate

40 Reduce fear

41 Take time off

42 Work backwards from your goal

43 Set clear deadlines

44 Write down your goals

45 Break your goals down

46 Use your goals in every aspect of your life

47 Strong time-management skills

48 Stop saying yes

49 Give up your excuses

50 Focus on profits

51 Keep a close watch on your finances

52 Autonomy vs

53 Industry vs

54 Identity vs

55 Intimacy vs

56 Generativity vs

57 Ego integrity vs

58 Successful people take risks

59 Give up on playing small

60 Give up the fixed mindset

61 Give up believing in the magic bullet

62 Give up multi-tasking

63 Give up your need to control everything

64 Give up the toxic people

65 Start creating better goals

66 Start living your dreams

67 Stop looking for a mentor

68 Stop blocking yourself

69 Keep studies as your first priority

70 Create a daily morning ritual

71 Leverage the power of the internet

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