45 Ways to be nicer to your boyfriend

1 Say thank you

2 I love you so much

3 Be affectionate

4 Pay compliments

5 Give her space

6 I am more in love with you than ever

7 Tell them you love them more often

8 Avoid negative thoughts

9 Seek out feedback

10 Express your appreciation

11 Be honest with your partner

12 Communicate clearly

13 Show an interest

14 Go on a date

15 Be yourself!

16 I cant get you outta my head

17 Look at him eye to eye

18 Change up how you initiate sex

19 I miss you so much

20 Im so proud of you

21 Feel the feeling, but do the right thing

22 Keep dating each other

23 I absolutely love spending time with you

24 Show your romantic side

25 Figure out why your spouse parents the way they do

26 Be honest with yourself

27 Send her to get a manicure/pedicure

28 Flirt and tease

29 Be affectionate toward your spouse

30 Dont be critical

31 Demonstrate trust

32 Tell them what you need from them

33 Describe your feelings rather than attack with them

34 Accept your partner for who they are

35 Compliment her on something specific

36 Plan a good event to do

37 Sweet dreamsthink of me

38 Be surprising and spontaneous

39 I love you even when you are angry at me

40 Talk openly about your finances

41 Play a board game

42 Practice forgiveness

43 Do something together every week

44 Be brave, not aggressive

45 Do your research

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