46 Ways to be less stressed

1 Get some restful sleep

2 Take a quick walk

3 Exercise regularly

4 Get some sun

5 Visualize a place where you feel calm

6 Breathe

7 Talk it out with someone

8 Eat a healthy diet

9 Relax your body

10 Do something to make yourself laugh

11 Treat yo self to a piece of dark chocolate

12 Get some exercise

13 Get a pet

14 Stretch it out

15 Get a massage

16 Drink green tea

17 Snuggle up with a pet

18 Do deep breathing exercises

19 Write everything down

20 Consider doing less

21 Be nice to yourself

22 Help them get perspective

23 Listen to quiet, calming music

24 Practice meditation

25 Light some incense

26 Take a time out

27 Get them moving

28 Compassion for others

29 Hug someone or hold their hand

30 Make a plan

31 Reorganize

32 Breathe pranayama style

33 Doodle

34 Play games

35 Chew gum

36 Call an old friend

37 Reflect on the days achievements

38 Have a good cry

39 Eat stress free

40 National center for complementary and integrative health website

41 Black, d

42 Watch your language

43 Strike a pose

44 Simplify, simplify, simplify…

45 Put on pandora

46 Try aromatherapy

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