65 Ways to stay focused

1 Eliminate distractions

2 Try the pomodoro technique

3 Take a break

4 Get plenty of sleep

5 Establish a to-do list

6 Remove all distractions

7 Take a short break

8 Organize your workstation

9 Prioritize tasks

10 Silence your phone

11 Forget multitasking

12 Create a schedule

13 Practice meditation

14 Take regular breaks

15 Stay away from social media

16 Have a plan

17 Put on the headphones

18 Avoid multitasking

19 Set an immediate deadline

20 Get up early

21 Establish a routine

22 Meditate to develop concentration and calmness

23 Do the most difficult things first

24 Schedule distractions

25 Focus on one thing at a time

26 Take breaks (real breaks)

27 Use the pomodoro technique

28 Chew a piece of gum

29 Prepare your day the night before

30 Create an hourly work plan

31 Do fewer things better

32 Commit to daily meditation

33 Take some notes

34 Use a concentration timer

35 Minimize digital distractions

36 Create a prioritized to-do list

37 Find an accountability partner

38 Stay focused with a to-do list

39 Remind yourself the reason why you started

40 Create an email schedule

41 Get the right tools for the job

42 I just want you to say no to

43 Keep reminding yourself of the big picture

44 Establish a dedicated work space

45 Define your mission

46 Outsource as much as possible

47 Give yourself a time limit for each task

48 Know the value of time

49 Take weekends off

50 Revisit your goals

51 Regenerate and keep up your energy

52 Drink plenty of water

53 Hide the distractions

54 Use your imagination

55 Find a suitable workspace

56 Make sure your workspace is comfortable

57 Bottom-up (or stimulus-driven focus)

58 Work within your brains natural schedule

59 Reward your mind for staying focused

60 Find work that keeps you genuinely engaged

61 Fuel your body

62 Be more mindful

63 Focus on similar tasks

64 Try the carrot method

65 Designate your perfect study spot

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