74 Ways to stay energetic

1 Get some sleep

2 Get some exercise

3 Drink some water

4 Get plenty of sleep

5 Drink plenty of water

6 Chew gum

7 Consume some caffeine

8 Stay hydrated with water and electrolytes

9 Take a power nap

10 Eat a healthy breakfast

11 Get up and move around

12 Get some sunlight

13 Go outside

14 Eat a nutritious snack

15 Get regular exercise

16 Breathe deeply

17 Drink green tea, or rooibos tea

18 Eat well and regularly

19 Start your day with workout

20 Listen to energetic music

21 Stay active

22 Take vitamin c

23 Vitamin b1

24 Stretch it out

25 Study with other like-minded people

26 Get and keep a sleep schedule

27 Sit up straight

28 Leave your desk

29 Helps you sleep better

30 Keep your bedroom dark, quiet, and cool

31 Eat some chocolate

32 Snack smart throughout the day

33 Open your curtains

34 Set time aside to deepen your chosen personal partnership

35 Bring in the green

36 Manage your stress

37 Always get up at the same time even on weekends

38 Eat right

39 Rehydrate in the am

40 Rotate your study topics

41 Eat smaller and more frequent meals

42 Refrain from alcohol

43 Get social

44 Try to move your body

45 Lower your alcohol intake

46 Dab some peppermint essential oil on your skin

47 Eat a healthy diet

48 Limit caffeine beverages

49 Avoid eating a large meal before class

50 Aim for eight hours of sleep

51 Sweet potatoes

52 Folate

53 Take a few deep breaths

54 Do something interesting

55 Straighten up

56 Laugh

57 Take a cold shower

58 Turn up the volume

59 Take a 15-20 minute nap

60 Start a daily meditation or mindfulness habit

61 Take a good long walk

62 Check your finances, and the new emergency government programs

63 Develop a new skill, hobby, art or craft

64 Plan a camping trip

65 Celebrate the arts

66 Visit a local park

67 Write your will

68 Caffeine – yes or no?

69 Think beautiful thoughts, and try not to judge people

70 Seek out light

71 Try yoga breathing

72 Exercise every morning

73 Remove all distractions before studying

74 Set aside time to meditate

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