75 Ways to be happy for others

1 Be grateful

2 Ask yourself if you want to be happy

3 Offer kindness proactively

4 Smile

5 Give a hug

6 Exercise!

7 Volunteer

8 Happy people live life in the present moment

9 Bring your pet to work

10 Donate to charity

11 Practice mindfulness

12 Practice gratitude for what you have

13 Compliment someone

14 Explore the nature around you

15 Try meditation

16 Buy yourself some flowers

17 Make plans for the future

18 Ask them if they want help

19 Eat a healthy meal/snack

20 Focus on your strengths

21 Move more

22 Hide a secret note for him or her to find

23 Get plenty of sleep

24 Figure out what makes you truly happy

25 Hang out with friends

26 Focus on the good

27 Reach out to others

28 Get regular exercise

29 Take responsibility

30 Start to recognize your people-pleasing behaviors

31 Spend quality time with them

32 Make people laugh

33 Find those silver linings

34 Send a thoughtful e-mail

35 Give a stranger a compliment

36 Overall job satisfaction

37 Buy experiences, not things

38 Take your neighbors dog for a walk

39 Create a gratitude journal

40 Take yourself on a date

41 Offer encouragement

42 Offer babysitting services

43 Engage in feedback mechanisms

44 Nurture relationships

45 Take charge of your own success

46 Build meaningful connections

47 Communicate kindly

48 Delay gratification

49 Look outside yourself

50 Share in the happiness of others

51 Make your own happiness a priority

52 Tell a joke

53 Create a happiness training routine

54 Stay curious

55 Make the decision to be happier

56 Make the most of the weekend

57 Stay true to your values

58 Write a thank you note to someone this week

59 Write a love letter to a loved one

60 Do what you love and enjoy

61 Give straightforward compliments

62 Check up on your parents

63 Give yourself a fresh start

64 Accept yourself for who you are

65 Be open

66 Make eye contact when you say hello

67 Call your grandparent

68 Share your playlist with someone

69 Share some of your yield

70 Serve them tea or coffee the way the like it

71 Plan something special

72 Put other people first

73 Throw a party

74 Happy people embrace pain

75 Surround yourself with positive people

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