45 Ways to be happy with myself

1 Practice gratitude for what you have

2 Believe you can be happy

3 Spend time outside

4 Give a hug

5 Stop comparing yourself to others

6 Connect with friends and family

7 Prioritize your health

8 Appreciate yourself

9 If you want to be happy, be

10 Smile

11 Laugh and play

12 Get some good sleep

13 Buy yourself some flowers

14 Make plans for your future

15 Exercise forgiveness

16 Focus on the positives

17 Create a gratitude journal

18 Write a thank you note to someone this week

19 Give yourself some fun rewards

20 Celebrate your little victories

21 Immerse yourself in meaningful activities—and enjoy the moment

22 Dance around

23 Celebrate your successes

24 Get mindful

25 Listen to yourself

26 Look for the good in things

27 Be involved in preparations for the arrival of your baby

28 Do what brings you meaning

29 Get to know your body

30 Spend time with someone who is happy

31 Think of happy memories

32 Do it with kindness

33 Take a good look at yourself

34 Make some new friends

35 Get positive about it

36 While youre at it, listen to sad music

37 Fake a smile

38 Think about what went well

39 Meditation

40 Find joy in your present moment

41 Accept yourself for who you are

42 Give yourself a break

43 Eat more fruits and veggies

44 Only say nice things to yourself

45 Dont rush through life

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