64 Ways to be happy again

1 Believe you can be happy

2 Take care of yourself!

3 Say thank you

4 Understand that happiness is a choice

5 Practice gratitude

6 Get some exercise

7 Help others

8 Get plenty of sleep

9 Cook them a meal

10 Give a compliment

11 Take a new route

12 Set goals

13 Get outside and get some fresh air

14 Care for your partner

15 Take care of your health

16 Create your own happiness

17 Volunteer together

18 Make them laugh

19 Hang out with happy people

20 Make new friends

21 Make plans for the future

22 Spend quality time together

23 Have a diy spa day

24 Clean up and declutter

25 Get out of your comfort zone to rewire your brain

26 Change your perspective on something

27 Stop comparing yourself to other people

28 Use your alone time wisely

29 Take time to relax

30 Show him respect

31 Communication

32 Nurture relationships

33 Prioritize a good work/life balance

34 Take one deep breath

35 Buy yourself some flowers

36 Find fresh air and sun

37 Build a strong network of family and friends

38 Make the decision to be happier

39 Practice gratitude–increase both happiness and life satisfaction

40 Make your workplace more pleasant

41 Make a day schedule before you leave your house

42 Dont chase happiness too hard

43 Let go of animosity

44 Be involved in preparations for the arrival of your baby

45 Surround yourself with positive people

46 Lean on friends

47 Evaluate your life

48 Be compassionate to yourself

49 Spend time with nature

50 Deuteronomy 33

51 Put yourself first

52 Clean up your social media

53 Get out of your comfort zone

54 Visit new places

55 Tell someone you love him or her

56 Watch your words

57 Be open

58 Face your problems and make a positive change

59 Mix up your plate

60 Be a kid, be silly

61 Go tech free in the night time

62 Pound the pavement

63 Slap a label on your negative feelings

64 Invest more in your greatest investment

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