117 Ways to be happier

1 Express gratitude

2 Choose happiness

3 Go for some exercise

4 Connect with others

5 Smile

6 Be grateful

7 Get plenty of sleep

8 Spend time outside

9 Explore meditation

10 Help others

11 Have fun

12 Have a great birthday!

13 Ditch your phone

14 Gratitude journal

15 Give more

16 Find a way to laugh

17 Listen to music

18 Focus on the good

19 Sleep more (or better)

20 Save money…

21 Exercise regularly

22 Spend your money on experiences rather than things

23 Take a break from social media

24 Make the most of the weekend

25 Embrace those silver linings

26 Identify your strengths to help you have self confidence

27 Get your sweat on

28 Change your perspective

29 Practice self-care on a daily basis

30 Live according to your personal values

31 Be a friend

32 Build meaningful connections

33 Bring your pet to work

34 Stay mindful

35 Appreciation (to value it)

36 Breathe more deeply

37 Buy a small place rather than rent

38 Give yourself a confidence boost

39 Schedule at least one guilt-free hour to relaxation per day

40 Replace warm showers with cold ones

41 Create balance and overcome burnout

42 Say no to something

43 Buy a juicer and juice a few times per week

44 Have a great one!

45 Stop comparing yourself to other people

46 Tithe or give 10 percent of your income away

47 Make friends with five people who inspire you

48 Change up your vocabulary

49 Consume a tablespoon of coconut oil once per day

50 Practice yoga

51 Create a happiness training routine

52 Embrace empathy

53 Avoid being judgmental

54 Listen to upbeat music

55 Say thank you every time youre served bysomeone

56 Hold yourself accountable

57 Work with a therapist if you need additional support

58 Acknowledge the unhappy moments

59 Get the help you need

60 Spend time in nature

61 Take yourself on a date

62 Call your grandmother

63 Take care of yourself

64 Give a compliment

65 Imagine being happy

66 Make your bed first thing in the morning

67 Plan something to look forward to

68 Take a positive approach

69 Many happy returns of the day!

70 Make positive memories

71 Rethink your notion of progress

72 Remove all nonessentials from your life

73 Save 10 percent or more of your income

74 Think of yourself less

75 Bin your negative thoughts

76 Focus

77 Drink tea

78 Age

79 Build a growth mindset for happiness

80 Spend smarter for more happiness

81 Communicate kindly

82 End your negative patterns of thinking

83 Find clarity

84 Use your imagination to create the life you seek

85 Go after life

86 Speak up and be yourself

87 Watch a funny video

88 Twist the sheets

89 Do some downward-facing dog

90 Go easy on yourself

91 Just say yellow

92 Minimize stress

93 See the glass as half-full

94 Have meaningful conversations

95 Get stuff done

96 Complainthe right way

97 Declutter

98 Hang out with happy people

99 Incorporate stress relievers into your day to prevent burnout

100 Skip the coffee, and exercise before work instead

101 Get out that date book

102 Send a love note

103 Check your facebook page

104 Get real with your boss

105 Have sex

106 Make a positivity list

107 Change your dining partner

108 Volunteer

109 Stop worrying

110 Head for trees

111 Play with a pup!

112 Take a daily walk

113 Find your flow

114 Hit the weight room

115 Go for dark

116 Branch out

117 Worship

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