43 Ways to be a better listener in a relationship

1 Ask questions

2 Maintain the appropriate amount of eye contact

3 Empathize with them

4 Respond appropriately

5 Give them your full attention

6 Dont be distracted

7 Make eye contact

8 Listen to emotions

9 Listen without an agenda

10 Pay attention to your talk/listen ratio

11 Listen with the intention of learning

12 Get rid of distractions

13 Think before responding

14 Stop whatever youre doing

15 Listen to learn, not to be polite

16 Effective listening skills

17 Determine if your partners needs are being met

18 Eliminate all distractions when listening to someone

19 Summarise what youve heard with empathy

20 Be mindful of your body language

21 Be the mirror

22 Do not talk

23 Resist the urge to interrupt when you disagree

24 Repeat back what you heard

25 Amount of our time spent listening

26 Keep that smart phone away

27 Summarize what was said

28 Ask instead of trying to mind-read

29 Get some fresh air and/or exercise

30 Be honest about your current limitations

31 Share what you have done in a similar situation

32 Realize listening is the more powerful position

33 Encourage the speaker

34 Concentrate on the speaker

35 Ask occasional questions or comments

36 Be open

37 Notice their needs

38 Have an honest conversation with your partner

39 Have a discussion about boundaries and commitments

40 Start a gratitude practice

41 Remind yourself that you can survive anything

42 Take a time out to calm down and get rational

43 Get into therapy

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